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In its complaint, the SEC alleges that Jefferey Gordon and Texas Coastal Energy Company, LLC (TCEC) cold called investors across the country, soliciting their interest in financing the drilling and completion of oil and gas prospects in Kansas and Texas in exchange for a share of future oil and gas production revenue. According to the complaint, Gordon and TCEC used a combination of false and misleading offering materials and sales pitches to deceive investors. Among other things, Gordon and TCEC lied to investors about TCEC`s experience and track record, the advice and success rate of its geologists, the potential reserves on its prospects, the potential return on investments therein, and the manner in which TCEC would use investor funds.
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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Lupus is a chronic auto immune disease that damages the heart, joint, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidney, and nervous system. While fatalities are becoming rare, there still is no cure. Lupus is unpredictable, and a person suffering from it will go through periods of illness and remissions. Cheap Jerseys free shipping
cheap nfl jerseys The scientific consensus is that there is no good evidence supporting these claims, and the rate of autism continues to climb despite elimination of thiomersal from routine childhood vaccines. Major scientific and medical bodies such as the Institute of Medicine and World Health Organization, as well as governmental agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC reject any role for thiomersal in autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders. This controversy has caused harm due to parents attempting to treat their autistic children with unproven and possibly dangerous treatments, discouraging parents from vaccinating their children due to fears about thiomersal toxicity, wholesale nfl jerseys from china and diverting resources away from research into more promising areas for the cause of autism. cheap nfl jerseys
wholesale jerseys Do not use "BREAKING" or ALL CAPS in titles. It is our wild 3rd world land in the USA. Before unionization Coal companies pratically enslaved their workers by issuing them company credit instead of pay (only usable at the company store, with the company Dr, and in company housing. wholesale jerseys
Mafia which included the Five of New York and the Outfit of the Midwest. Mob representatives of Miami were also included.DeCavalcante and 54 associates were charged and tried; he pleaded guilty to operating a gambling racket turning over $20 million a year. At the same time, a New York State report indicated that he and another Mafia family controlled 90% of pornography stores in New York City.
Cheap Jerseys china Basically WoW is this HUGE world of obsolete content that turned off. Not only that, but I get the impression that levelling through it is not only off putting and incoherent, but so completely irrelevant that most players pay to skip it. When it about 80% of your content, that an issue. Cheap Jerseys china
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cheap jerseys There are a variety of mattress toppers with foam made partially from plant based renewable resources. Implementing a reduction of petroleum based materials eliminates the use of HCFCs during the manufacturing process, which contributes to the depletion of the planet`s ozone layers. Many major retail stores and online shops carry green products for the bedroom. cheap jerseys
Cheap Jerseys china Jerseys from china EW weapon are of much more limited use than you think and there are counter measures for them. It largely limited to radar and radio communications blocking, there are plenty of other ways to control smart weapons. Very soon they be able to control themselves if it comes down to it.. Cheap Jerseys from china
cheap jerseys 1. Electrostatic Gravity Gradiometer ( EGG)1. The Electrostatic Gradiometer or the EGG is the main scientific instrument that will measure the gravity field of Earth. By the 1970s Calle had already started to work as an artist after she had travelled the world for seven years. Sophie Calle`s first photographs on her return to Paris were two graves simply engraved with the words "Mother" and "Father." Her first work was a performative, photographic piece called "The Sleepers" (1979). In this piece Calle allowed people to sleep in her bed for a few hours in return for letting her photograph them cheap jerseys.
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